Your extra pair of hands

If you can answer yes to any or all of the following questions, you need my extra pair of hands.

Are you having to cut back on staff expenditure?

Could you do with some ad hoc backroom support, but only when you really need it?

Do you still want to grow your business?

Do you want to work smarter and not harder?

I am the top in my field. You can trust my knowledge and experience. I offer specialist secretarial assistance to businesses and individuals in the short term, the long term or just a one-off at very reasonable rates. Why go through a temp agency and pay their fees, VAT and sign a contract for a minimum number of hours that you don't need? If you ask me to do some work for you, you simply pay the hourly rate for the time I work for you and any materials and postage and that’s it. No NI contributions, no tax, no VAT, no desk space, no extra equipment. Many SMEs are looking to diversify but don’t have the personnel at present for a new venture. I can help you out and work with you to make sure your business is a success.

Why go through a temp agency and pay for expensive temporary staff to cover the ever-increasing demands of medical secretaries? Here at ESS I have a vast amount of medical secretarial experience gained from working in the NHS for twenty years at the highest level dealing with a whole host of accents and diverse ways of dictating. Why not utilise my services? Use digital technology and send me the audio via email, I will type it and send it back to you by email. Confidentiality is paramount to both my clients and myself. You can trust my knowledge and experience.

There are no additional costs to you for accommodation or equipment. Specialist ' backroom' assistance is only a 'phone call away.

Referrals are an important part of my business.  I enjoy doing business with people just like you.  When you run across someone who has a need for services like mine, please forward their name to me.  I will gladly follow-up and provide the same high level of service that I provide to you.


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